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2019 / Banking

Interior Design

Renovation project uplifting 25 years-old Krungthai Bank MEA Ploenchit Branch with contemporary and innovative style to live up the vibrancy of hi-tech and digital world. 

The aim of this project is to create the prototype for other stand-alone branches to convey comfort and simple vibe, also to keep the heritage legacy of the long-established organization.

Glass is used as the material for all of the exterior wall in order to bring light and make the space more spacious. Trees are places near the glass wall to allow users and visitors to feel closer to the nature. The trees also help screen the sight from the outsider without making those being inside feel uncomfortable.

The interior design intents to twist the nostalgia warmy mood of the old building in modish style. Mixed of contemporary materials such as blue mirror stainless are used, echoing the cutting-edge vibe of Krungthai organization, along with the classic materials seen in wooden and polished stone floor.

As in function, the bank counter and furniture are designed to resemble the cosy vibe of the living room and dining room, inspired to reduce stress at workplace and welcome visitors with ‘at-ease’ feeling at home. The wooden benches are adjusted to give casual feeling to the space and resemble the bench in galleries, making users feel like sitting casually in art galleries admiring art works.

The space is divided by mix choices of materials of the interior design. Self-service zone with digital machine that is defined by wooden materials from floor to ceiling and shutter door that was set to partition when bank is closed. Bright light is used in the space to make users feel safe at night while receiving services.

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